Friday, March 3

Auto Income Tax Calculator (software in excel) Version 17.3 with Data saving facility, Form -16 and Computation sheets for FY 2022-23 (AY 2023-24) in Both Regime


Auto Income tax Calculator Version 17.3 is a software in excel. Once you enter the amount in blank cells. other cells calculate tax and prepare Computation sheets & Form-16 automatically. It helps you to save your data, retrieve data to finalise, print/save PDF from buttons.


You can calculate your tax, save/retrieve the data and print the 

1) Salary Statement 

2) Computation sheets in Both (New & Old regime) or eighter, 

3) Form-16 in Both (New & Old regime) or eighter, 

3) Tax Calculation sheet  

4) Calculation of Income from House Property.

You can also read brief detail of applicable rules and Information for rates, deduction & exemption with hyperlinks to clear and understand the aspects.

Note: Software versions 17.3 is prepared on Macros. So, if you Download this version. There might be Caution of “security risk for block of macros because source of file is untrusted” But You are receiving/downloading it from a trusted source (My mail of Website). You can allow this file 1st time only.

For Professional/Official use, Subscribe the Original version 17.5 (software), All in 1 with unlimited numbers/time to Save/retrieve your data & Print documents of your clients/staff. Please mail at