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Auto Income Tax Calculator version 16 for F.Y. 2021-22 (A.Y.-2022-23) in Old & New Regime(Both) 

Financial Year 2021-22 has started. Govt. has introduced a new tax regime (system) from last financial year (with a lower tax rate without any exemption/deduction). Which will continue in this financial year too. Every individual and employer have to choose any one suitable regime between Old(existing) and New income-tax regime for TDS deduction and filing the ITR.

For your help, Auto tax Calculators for F.Y. -2021-22 is available for download. This will help you to calculate the tax liability and compare among both regimes in very simple way with less time and fewer efforts, it suggest that which tax regime would be better option for financial year 2021-22 for TDS. If excess TDS is deducted due to wrong selection of tax regime. You can choose the right tax regime to claim the refund at the time to filing of ITR.

In this Auto tax calculator’s version. you will be able to calculate the Income tax and print the computation sheet according to your selected tax regime. A (hyper linked) mini ready reckoner is also there to help you, where you can know the latest rates, information and rules of taxation, Exemption and deduction.

I hope you will like and share this creation. If you find any inconsistency please write at I will try to amend/rectify.

Most downloaded Auto tax calculator with salary statement for F.Y 2021-22 will be available very soon on this site.

We are also working on most demanding utility of calculator with data saving and printing option on a single calculator. You will be able to save/retrieve data of the whole staff/Clients and prepare/print computation and form-16 on a single calculator.   

Download Auto Income Tax calculator version-16 for F.Y.-2021-22(A.Y.2022-22) in Excel

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