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Latest Income Tax Calculator with Form-16 and salary Statement (3in 1) for A.Y-2020-21 in Excel format.

In the view of currently corona virus pandemic government has extended the due dates of various returns including TDS return up to 31 June 2020 So the date to issue Form-16 by the employer has also defer.      
Due to amendment made by Income tax department in format of Form-16 vide notification_36_2019 dated 12/05/2019. Every employer has to issue Form-16 Part B to his employee in new format. The depart has made many changes to give more information & input regarding income and deduction etc.
Keeping in this view I have prepare 3 in 1 Form-16 (New format) generator with Auto tax calculator and Salary statement in excel format to make form-16 easy.
In a less time and effort you can generate and print the 
  • Form-16 with annexure 1 of form-16 and form 12B
  • Salary statement
  • Computation sheet.

It is up to you whether use this tool to generate Form-16 or salary statement with computation sheet of calculated income tax.  
You can also clear the latest applicable rules and information with hyperlinked ready reckoner.
Download Form-16 Generator in 2 types. 1st is Blank for your use and 2nd is pre-filled for your reference

Download Auto Income Tax Calculator with Form-16 and salary Statement (3in 1) for A.Y-2020-21 
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