Sunday, 7 September 2014

Automated Form-16 preparation utility for FY 2014-15 & AY 2015-16 with TDS calculator, Annexure1 & 12BA

Employer have to give final form-16 to his employee by the end of June 2015. But if any employee left the job in middle of the year or any employee required provisional form-16 to know his TDS deducted or balance payable liability. It is very difficult to issue the form-16.

But now you can prepare form-16 for your employee or If you are an individual you can prepare it for yourself every month or at last after FY or keep the record of TDS and balance tax payable liability any time with this automated form-16 preparation utility on excel sheet.  

Enter the data & information in calculator and annexure, which will calculate Tax, TDS and automatically data will be transfer in form-16 and your form-16 will be ready for print easily.  

All cells are self explanatory. Calculator have inbuilt capability to compute Tax, Balance payable tax, House Rent exemption, Allowance and Income from House property etc. and Prepares Form -16 with Annexure and Form 12BA automatically.

Links to connect with tutorial for download of form-16 Part A and latest format of form-16 by Income Tax Department is also there to help you.

This calculator is available for download on the Calculator & Forms tab.


  1. Hi, thanks for the nice tutorial. I have some confusion regarding my income tax return.

    I left my job on July 2014 and have not taken a new job after that.
    I want to file income tax return for the year 2014-2015 since I left my job on July 2014 and more tax was deducted from my salary than is required as I was not able to submit some documents to my company HR on time. I wanted to know when I will get the form-16 from my company and when I should file the ITR for the tax that I paid upto July, August 2014. (I am not sure if it would be called AY 2014-15 or AY 2015-16?)

  2. this tutorial is so helpful and helps me in many ways. i am really dumb when it comes to this and sadly i cant get no help other than the internet. thank you for posting